Co-founder, BPD partners & Member of the Board of Directors, GLOBSEC

Petr is an entrepreneur and investor, and is co-founder of bpd partners, a leading family office in Prague. Petr and his partners have been investors in real estate development projects in Prague for a long time and have made a significant footprint in the architectural landscape of the Czech capital. 

Their global investment platform is mostly carried out through the chemical company Draslovka, which manufactures a wide range of specialty chemicals. The company is a global leader in the field of innovations based on CN chemistry, especially agrarian chemicals like new fumigants and biocides with a sustainable footprint. Bpd partners globally supports Research &Development initiatives in an effort to find solutions to global problems. The primary interest and focus is on agriculture, food production and health care, as we believe some of the greatest challenges lie within these areas. 

Petr is also an art collector and art activist together with his wife Pavlína. They are both founders of the non-profit institution Kunsthalle Praha, a newly emerged space for Czech and international art, which has been opened in February 2022 in the reconstructed building of the former Zenger transformer station in the historical center of Prague.