Political Dialogue, Strategy & Insight Lead, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Grégoire Roos is a Coordinator of Political Dialogue, Strategy & Insight at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

After a time with the UNDP Regional Service Centre in Africa, Mr. Roos joined the financial industry to focus on global trends (social, technological, cultural, and geopolitical) and their impact on markets and policy-making. Mr. Roos was in charge of analysing the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the financial industry and free trade, its impact on global security and cooperation, and its repercussions on climate change mitigation strategies.

In addition to his main business occupation, Mr. Roos is active in the French Armed Forces as Reserve Officer in the Navy and is often moderating sessions in foreign policy conferences and conducting regular interviews with public figures for various outlets. Some of his recent interviewees include British diplomat Lord Peter Ricketts, INSEAD’s founder Dr. Olivier Giscard d’Estaing, former SACEUR Admiral James Stavridis, Nobel Laureates Lech Walesa and Frederik de Klerk, and Dame Jane Goodall.